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Virtual/Distance Learning Credit Policy

Virtual/Distance Learning Attendance/Credit Policy



The Greenville Board of Education has adopted this attendance/credit policy for Virtual/Distance Learning for the Greenville Public Schools.  This policy may allow attendance to be a proportional amount of the required attendance policy provisions based upon the amount of time students are not able receive “instructional activities” via a face-to- face teacher/student classroom setting. The attendance/credit policy shall include the following provisions.


For the purpose of this section, “instructional activities” shall include but not limited to online logins to curriculum or programs offered by Greenville Public School, offline activities, completed assignments, testing, face-to-face communications with Greenville Public School staff or service providers or meetings with virtual school staff or service providers via teleconference, videoconference, email, text or phone.


  1. A student shall receive attendance/credit in a Virtual/Distance Learning setting if the student does the following:

  1. Completes no less than 80% of the instructional activities assigned during the time of Virtual/Distance Learning and/or is on pace for on-time completion of instructional activities assigned during the time of Virtual/Distance Learning.


  1. Greenville instructor will notify the parent/guardian of a student that is not in compliance with the provisions of this Virtual/Distance Learning Policy.


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