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Virtual/Distance Learning Plan



  1. EQUITY OF ACCESS:  Each student will have their own individual device to take home with them for distance learning. (PK-3rd: Ipads & 4th-8th: Chromebooks) All students will have access to Google Classroom from their individual devices.  Each teacher may assign students instructional materials through Google Classroom and or conduct Virtual Distance Classroom sessions.  Virtual classroom sessions would take place during the normal class period time frame of a regular school day.  If that time frame period needs to be adjusted, we will accommodate as necessary.  Our focus during this distance learning period will be the core subject areas (Math, English, Science, Social Studies).  Instructional materials may include learning apps, learning websites, IXL, Savass Learning Platform, and educational materials developed by the teacher for the appropriate subject matter.  If students do not have access to the internet at home, their assignments can be downloaded to their devices and they can work on them offline.  Students will also be able to come and access the school internet from the school parking lot if they need to download any instructional materials or assignment from Google Classroom.  If necessary, the teacher will develop modules or packets for the students that need it and maintain contact with that student to check on any assistance needed and appropriate educational progress.

    SPED: During this time, we will encourage teachers, administration, and parents to keep communication lines consistent and open by working together in the best interest of each individual student. Parents and teachers will be encouraged to continue to share information regarding students' individual educational needs as well as the effectiveness of curriculum, individual educational supports and resources provided. Educational leaders will continue to lead with equity and share messages of hope and ability as we provide services to students with disabilities based on students' individual educational needs, successes as well as consistent parent and teacher communication.  The various methods of instruction/activities may be utilized for student engagement and continuing progress. These include but are not limited to:


  • Video of reading aloud (Zoom app, Facetime, etc.)

  • Retelling with graphic organizer

  • Independent reading

  • Decoding and fluency practice

  • Math fluency activities

  • Complete assignments as well as possible direct contact (phone, Facetime, Google video) with your student

  • Videos (via email, SeeSaw, Google Classroom, etc.)

  • Phone calls

  • Learning websites

  • Learning Apps

  • Google slides


  1. ENSURE ALIGNMENT OF CURRICULUM TO OAS: All teachers will plan, develop, design and implement all lessons and activities so that they adhere to the OAS standards and practices.   Our learning platforms are also aligned with OAS standards.

  2. ATTENDANCE POLICY FOR DISTANCE LEARNING STUDENTS: Attached is board approved  school district policy.

  3. CREDITS FOR COURSE COMPLETION: Attached is board approved school district policy.

  4. PARTICIPATION IN EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Students are allowed to participate in extracurricular activities.  Greenville is part of the ORES and will abide by their athletic guidelines. As of now, the ORES association is going month to month on whether or not extracurricular activities will be held.  For the month of August, it was determined that there will be no extracurricular activities held.


 Board Approved: April19, 2021


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