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Requirements for Enrollment



Birth Certificate (Required)

State law requires a birth certificate be presented upon entering school for the first time.  Students will not be allowed to enter school without proof of age.  Hospital statements are not acceptable.  Children who are 4 years of age on or before September 1 may attend Pre-Kindergarten.  Children who are 5 years of age on or before September 1 will attend Kindergarten by state law unless testing indicates they are not developmentally ready.  Children who are 6 on or before September 1 shall be entitled to attend first grade.


Immunizations (Required)

State law requires parents of students entering school for the first time to present a copy of immunizations certified by the doctor or health department before they attend school.  Immunizations must meet current requirements set by the Oklahoma State Department of Health.


Proof of  Residency in School District (Required)

It is the policy of the Greenville Board of Education that the residence of any child for school purposes shall be the legal resi­dence of the parents, guardian, or person having legal custody who holds legal residence within the district as defined in 70 O.S. §1-113 (C).  Provided that such parent, legal guardian, person, or institution having legal custody contrib­utes in a major degree to the support of such child.  Provided, further, that any child residing in the district who is entirely self-supporting shall be considered a resident of the school district if the child works and attends school in the school district.  Questions concerning legal residence of children shall be determined pursuant to procedures utilized by the State Department of Education in accordance with 70 O.S. §1-113.


An adult who does not fall within the categories listed above, who holds legal residence in the district, and who has assumed permanent care and custody of the child may file an affidavit with the school district attesting that custody has been assumed.  The affidavit must include the reasons for assuming custody.  The residency officer-(Superintendent) shall consider the facts of each case and shall approve residency only if it is demonstrated that the custody arrangement is permanent and the adult contributes to a major degree to the support of the child.


The superintendent or designee may require the submission of evidence of residency in order to determine whether the student is eligible to attend the public schools or programs without payment of nonresident tuition.  Such evidence may include, but is not necessarily limited to, the following:



  1. Proof of payment of local personal income tax or ad valorem taxes;

  2. Title to residential property in the district, or a valid unexpired lease agreement, or receipts for payment of rent on a district residence in which the applicant actually resides;

  3. Proof of provisions of utilities;

  4. A valid, unexpired motor vehicle operator’s permit or motor vehicle registration;

  5. Maintenance of voter registration;

  6. Notarized affidavit verifying residency and that the affiant has assumed the permanent care and custody of the student.  (The filing of a false affidavit shall be subject to punishment in accordance with 70 O.S. §1‑113(A)(1).)